How To Watch Netflix Together With Remote Friend (Android | iOS)

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You can Watch Netflix Together With A Remote Friend. Using some additional applications you can watch Netflix along with your friend. Apps are available for both android as well as for iOS.


About Netflix

As everyone knows that Netflix is an online ott platform. Movies, web series, tv shows, and more are available in it. It was introduced in America. Since 2012 the Netflix has taken an active role in the production and distribution of movies and series. It is been the largest in entertainment company or media by market capitalization.Netflix

Netflix used the “N” icon since 2015, before playing any movie or series of its originals. By 2020, Netflix has more than 203 million subscribers. The monthly subscription for mobile is 199INR. Moreover, by subscribing you can use it on the tablet as well as mobile. The screen resolution is 480 pixels. Also, the quality of the video is good. This is the basic plan. As the number of screens, quality of the video increases the price also increases. Then you can use it on a tablet, mobile, pc, laptop, and smart tv. By installing apps on some other or Lg smart tv you can watch Netflix. If you want 4k+ HDR resolution then you have to pay 799. Then the quality of the video will be best.

How To Watch Netflix With Remote Friend? 

The process to watch Netflix with your remote friend is simple. This can be done by downloading the additional apps. The complete details about those app and their functionalities are given in this article.

1. Teleparty

The former name of the teleparty is “Netflix Party”. During covid time people can not meet and go to movies or cannot go to each other home for enjoying a movie or series. Using this app your friend watches the same movie from his home that you are watching from your home.Teleparty

It’s a little bit interesting right. As the name got changed because it got updated. Not only watching a Netflix account but also you can watch Hulu, HBO, and amazon prime video. So it changed its name to teleparty. It asks for browser extensions for Chrome and other browsers. the installation process is given below:

  • Firstly, open chrome from Pc, tablet, or laptop. In google chrome, if you want you can pin tabs.
  • Then download and install Teleparty extension for chrome or other browsers for windows 10 users.
  • Now, open Netflix and go to movies or series that you want to watch with your friend.
  • You will be seen the “TP” icon next to the Chrome address bar. Just tap on it.Extension
  • Now, Click on “Start party”. Later send the URL to your friend or friends to watch.
  • The browser extension has a chat box where you can chat with your friends about that movie. Also, they can send emojis and more.
  • If you are using Microsoft edge then you can watch in 4k resolution even.

2. Kast 

kast is an app available for both Android as well as iOS. Formerly Kast is known as the rabbit app. By using this you can watch Netflix with your friends. Besides, not only video sharing, but the app also offers video chat and other features.kast app

The subscription of $4.99 per month to be paid for a premium account. By having a premium account you can block ads and the video quality will be improved. It is free to download and use it.

3. Rave

To watch Netflix with your friend rave app will also be useful. You can share not only Netflix but also youtube, Disney plus account, amazon prime, and even Vimeo. The videos stored in google drive can also be shared and watched. It is available for both android and ios.Rave app

The additional feature of this app is you can create your own music mash-up. Rave DJ is the name of that feature. If you are using it from pc the videos from dropbox also can be shared with your friends and can watch along with them.

4. Scener

Scener is the latest entry app. Similar to the Netflix party this is the browser extension for pc or laptops or tablets. By using this you can watch with your friends not only on Netflix but also on Disney, HBO max, Hulu, youtube, Vimeo, Alamo Drafthouse, and amazon prime. The process of installation is given below:

  • Create a free account on the Scener website.
  • Then download and install the Scener browser extension.scener
  • In the extension tap on the “Private theater” option. Select the service you want to use.
  • Later, go to a show or movie you want to watch with friends. Then send the URL to your friends.
  • You can invite 10 of your friends to the private theater. It allows you to chat over text, audio, and video even. Also, you can create groups for your friends.


By using the above four apps you can Watch Netflix Together With A Remote Friend. The complete details are given so you can choose easily which app you want to use. However, watching a movie alone is different from watching a movie or show with friends.

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