Important Facts About Sahara Desert – 10 Unknown Facts

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If we talk about the world’s most famous Deserts, then the Sahara Desert is one that everyone will first think about. Not only that but Sahara Desert is the 3rd largest desert behind Antarctica and the Arctic. It is so large that it covers an area of 9,200,000 square kilometers. Also, if you are reading this article, then you might be looking for some of the essential facts about Sahara Desert. So, here we bring you all the facts to know about the Sahara Desert.

Important Facts About Sahara Desert

Here we will talk about some of the known & unknown facts about Sahara Desert. Here we will divide the facts & see every detail about it.

  1. The Name Sahara is Egypt means Desert.
  2. If we talk about Sahara Desert climate, it is hot almost throughout. In an average Sahara Desert Temperature is 30°C. As of now, the highest recorded temperate of Sahara Deser is 58°C.
  3. During the night, the case is quite different. During the night, temperate can drop to -6°C.
  4. Sahara Desert is also a place for living. As per the 2019 report. Sahara Desert is home for more than 2M people. These people reside near to the place where water is available.
  5. Sahara Desert is also known for travelers. As per the recent report, there are more than 12,000 camels in Shara Desert. These camel travel between Egypt and Sudan.
  6. Also, Sahara Desert is also the 3rd largest desert with an area of 9,200,000 square kilometers.
  7. Sahara Desert covers a total of 8% of the earth’s land.
  8. There are a total of 20 lakes in Sahara. All these lakes are saltwater lakes.
  9. Emi Koussi is the highest peak in Sahara with 3,415m long. This is also a volcano location at Tibesti Mountains.
  10. 500 years ago, Sahara Desert was actually a green area, but due to change in the tilt of the earth it changed to desert.

The above are the top 10 facts that you should know about Sahara Desert. If you know more than what we have mentioned, then feel free to put in the comment below.

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