Is iPhone Working On Triple Camera? Another iPhone 11 Triple Camera Leak

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iPhone 11 Triple Camera

Recently, iPhone 11 has become a topic of discussion about tech enthusiast. I guess it’s always the same with the iPhone smartphones, as they do hype for their products every time they come up with a new model. In fact, the exact leak has never been made, but this time it more as a confirmation. As per the SlashLeak source, the recent design leak of iPhone 11 shows the triple camera. Now, will it be iPhone 11 Triple Camera? or is it just a gimmick?

In fact, it was already leaked that the iPhone 11 will come with 3 camera, but this design leak confirms. Also, it is confirmed that this design leak was made by the manufacturer of the protective shell. The leak also gives a hint that the iPhoen11 will also come with 3 screen size variant that is 5.1-inch, 6.1-inch, and a 6.5 inch.

Considering the chipset, it will definitely come with A13 Chipset. On the other hand, the camera bulge is what the users will not like. As of now, there are no details shared on what the camera functions be. But we will definitely get to know about it soon. To get a regular update on iPhone 11, follow GeekBlog and also share you feedback on what you think about the new Triple camera concept.


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