Motorola Coming Back To Basics – New Motorola RAZR To Have Folding Design

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Motorola RAZR Leak

If we talk about the early days of Foldable smartphones, then Motorola RAZR is one of the smartphones that everyone might remember. Recently, there were rumors that Motorola might come up with their new RAZR with a folding display. In fact, we were still believing it as a gimmick, until today. One of the known leakster on Twitter, EvanBlass leaked the photo of the upcoming foldable Motorola smartphone that is Motorola Razr.

The reason why we say that it’s confirmed because it was not just one but 16 images that were leaked. In 2017, GeekSnipper leaked the information about Foldable Display which was released by BOE Technology. Whereas, this new Motorola Razr has similar technology. In fact, you will find displays are 2 sides. One is after you fold and once you flip the smartphone.  When you flip the phone, you will find a foldable 6-inch 720P display, whereas a 3-inch display after you flop the smartphone.

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Motorola RAZR Leak

Not only that, the Razr phone is expected to power the Snapdragon 710 SoC and a fingerprint scanner at the back. If we consider the price, then it is expected to be around $1000. Apart from that, other specification details and its availability is yet to be confirmed. Also, we cannot predict if this is actually going to release this year or not.

We would like to know your thought on the rebirth of Motorola RAZR. Do you really think this can bring back the trend of foldable smartphones? Let us know your thought in the comment below.


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