Top 10 Best Music Downloading Sites For FREE in 2021

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Best Music Downloading Sites which can be accessed for free. People listen to music while working or traveling. It is been a hobby for many people. There are different types of songs and playlists available.


Top 10 Best Music Downloading Sites of 2021

Below are the sites where you can download music for free. They are:

1. Sound Cloud

Sound cloud is one of the most popular music sites. Here you can stream as many songs as your wish. Also, you need not pay anything for downloading or for playing music. The music is uploaded by independent musicians and bands. To find your favorite music or band you go to the search bar and search for it by typing the name of it. It has a small collection of Hindi remix songs.Best Music Downloading Sites

How do you download Music from the Sound cloud?

Below the soundtrack of the song, you will find the Free Download button. Tap on it then the music gets downloaded instantly. Some of the music tracks do not download that easily. It asks to like the Facebook page to obtain the track. If you do so then, you can download that particular track.

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2. ReverbNation Site

ReverbNation is one of the famous sites to download music. It is that famous for sharing and downloading music for free. Also, this is famous for pop, hip-hop, and alternative songs collection. This website is behind the popularity of bands like Imagine Dragons, The Civil Wars, and Alabama Shakes. This website has a huge fanbase among people.Best Music Downloading Sites

At present this website has 4 million artists, users, labels. Due to its catalog, it provides a great experience for music lovers. If you want to discover anything new you can tap on the Discover option and can discover it.

How can You Download Songs from ReverbNation?

Go to the search page there you will find an option Free MP3s Required. You have to check the box next to it and click refine results. Then, the free music is listed on the right side. Tap on the music you want to download. Now, Click on the small download icon then it gets downloaded.

3. Jamendo Site

The songs uploaded on this website are protected by a Creative Commons license. To download the music safely this is used. All independent songs and music are available here. If you want something else you have to look at another website and also pay for it.

There are already created playlists and radio stations are also present on this site. Moreover, if you want a license for your music then this site offers the license at some price. The songs can be downloaded easily here.

4. Audiomack

Audiomack’s website has a user-friendly interface. It is easy to access the music. This website is the hub of artists, music lovers, labels, and more. It has sections categorized as trending, top songs, classical, pop, and so on.Best Music Downloading Sites

Almost all tracks are free to download. This site is also available as an app for both types of mobile android as well as iOS.

5. Audionautix

Audionautix is a free music browsing website. This is created by Jason Shaw — a composer. His self-made music can be downloaded for free without any copyright problem. It has a music library where you can pick your genre. Also, you can download it for

Based on mood category you can select the music. Here you can download music without signing up or like any Facebook page.

6. NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade site contains tracks of several artists. If you like any song and want to support them then you can give a donation to them. Here you can download music for free and legally. The thing is to download you have to trade your email address and postal code.noisetrade

Once you entered them. Then the file gets downloaded in the form of ZIP containing the tracks. By checking the trending section and top downloads you can find the new releases.

7. Beatstars

Beatstars has a clean and beautiful user interface with dark mode. The best feature about this is all free music can be downloaded legally. But, to download the music you have to give your email address on the site.beatstars

After giving an email address the download link will be sent to your inbox. Very often it asks to like the artist’s page and subscribe to the artist’s youtube channel. Also, here you can filter songs based on beats, chorus, vocals, and more.

8. Free Amazon Music Store

If the user is an amazon subscriber then you get access to millions of songs. Moreover, you can download it for free. You can stream on any device and download them. Also, you can listen to the downloaded songs music

You can also get free music from amazon’s website. By visiting the company’s page you will find a free music page in the digital music section, you can download songs here.

9. DatPiff

DatPiff is the website for all rap and hip-hop music lovers. Here the music is also available in the form of mixtapes. it has free-style rap over popular instruments are available. You can download songs from famous artists for free.datpiff

Even it allows new tapes to download. It shows release schedules, listens to fan-made albums. Also, you can see music industry-related stories here.

10. was created in 2002. Firstly, it was started as internet radio. Later after 2005, it works as a music player. it collects music from artists and different media players. It collects to create playlists according to user’s tastes and listening

Many people don’t know that is the free download music site. This is one of the tops and best music download sites.

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Still, there are sites available to download music for free. Among the above mentioned are top and secure. To download some songs it asks for like the Facebook page of the artist or subscribe to the youtube channel. These are common in free music download websites. However, these are safe and secure.

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