One Piece Chapter 963 Official Spoilers Confirms – Know Who Landed At The Kuri Beach

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one piece Chapter 963

OnePiece chapter 963 is about to release & not only us but everyone might be excited to know more about this chapter. In the last chapter, we saw that at the Kuri Beach 2 people were found unconscious. Yet there was no confirmation about what is going to happen and who exactly were they. From the appearance they were huge, which means they might be either, Big Mom, Kaido or Whitebeard. Today we finally got our hand on One Piece Chapter 963 office spoiler.

Note: This article contains spoiler.

One Piece Chapter 963 Spoilers

As per the spoiler, it confirms two things. One is that one of the people who was at the Kuri beach is the young white beard. The other one is, that Oden and Whitebeard has a deal that they agree to. Before that, we will also get to know about Inuarashi and Nekomamushi about how they get inspired by the ancient story & how they agree to sail the sea.

This chapter is somehow going to relate to this story. As Oden get to know about Whitebeard being at Wano, he will be excited to meet him. As they are all damaged, hence Oden offers them to stay at Wano until they recover.

After knowing Whitebeard’s story, Oden decides to board his ship. That’s not all we will also see some other new yet similar faces from the past. We want to keep these individuals a secret so that the excitement keeps flowing in you. Not only that, we will also get to know about Kozuki Sukiyaki who gets ill & how Oden visits him.

Apart from this, no other details are shared with us. One thing is sure that, Kaido’s appearance is still not disclosed in One Piece Wano Arc. But we are sure that we might get to know about him soon.

Release Date

The release date is fixed, which is on 25th Nov 2019. You can still read the unofficial/RAW scan on 22nd Nov 2019. Only if you have access to such a platform.

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