One Piece Episode 914 Spoiler & Release Date – Luffy vs Kaido

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One Piece episode 914

In One Piece Episode 913, we finally saw Kaido’s appearance in Wano kingdom. He is totally drunk & was destroying the town. To manipulate Kaido, Hawlk leads him to Oden Castle saying that Luffy is there. As soon as he heard that, he destroyed the Oden Castle. Seeing this  Luffy gets furious as Straw Hat crew and the Samurai’s were there in the castle. Does that mean Luffy has lost his crew members? Well, to know that we need to wait until One Piece Episode 914 releases.

Also, who have read the Manga, do know what will happen next. Therefore, here is OnePiece 914 Episode Spoiler & also know by when the episode will release.

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One Piece Episode 914 Spoiler

Note: The article below contains the official Spoiler of OP Episode 914.

Everyone who was waiting to see Luffy vs Kaido will finally witness this in Episode 914. Luffy will punch Kaiso in his dragon form, but he won’t be staying in that form for more. Also, we will see the captain of the Hearts Pirate appearing too. But, is Luffy really a match with Kaido?

Well, Luffy will do lay some punches on Kaido, but all the punches he throws will be unaffected. Later when Kaido appears in his true form. As soon as he appears in his true form, he hist Luffy & knock him down in just one punch. As soon as this happens, the Captain of Heart Pirate plans to take the leave as he wants to execute the plan.

We will also see Luffy been releasing the same power as his father Dragon D. Luffy. Seeing this Kaido decides to take him in his crew.

One Piece Episode 914

The good thing is even after being Christmas, there is no delay on the episode. Therefore, you be able to see the One Piece EP 914 on 16 Dec 2019 on Funimation.Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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