One Piece Manga Chapter 957 Spoiler & Release Date – Sabo’s News

One Piece Manga Chapter 957 Spoiler & Release Date

After Reading One Piece Manga 956, one thing is clear that there is something big goona happen. Whereas, Sabo’s news that everyone is talking about is still a mystery. As per the discussion going in the One PIece Forums, everyone is saying that Sabo is dead. But how true that is? To know about Sabo we have to wait for One Piece Manga Chapter 957. If you are also eager to know about what’s going to happen in this chapter, then check our One Piece Chapter 957 Spoiler Prediction also know its release date.

One Piece Manga Chapter 957 Spoiler

First, let’s talk about Sabo. Sabo’s news is what everyone is talking about and is believed that he is dead. If you ask me, then I do not think that Sabo is dead. In fact, we might see more about Sabo’s news in Chapter 957. On the other hand, watching Monkey D. Dragon was quite a surprise. This is a clear hint that we will see Monkey D Dragon fight alongside with his son Luffy in the Wano Arc.

One Piece Chapter 956  was the start of Wano Arch Part 3. Also, this Part is the last part of the Wano Arc. This gives a hint that we might soon see the most epic fight. Also, Luffy is coming back with the Samurai. But there was nothing shown about Kaido and Big Mom, which we believe can be a part of One Piece Manga Chapter 957.

Doing the round-up of the One Piece chapter 957 then we might get to see 3 stories. First is that we will see about Sabo, 2nd we will get to see Monkey D Dragon’s movie and 3rd we might know about Pirate X Drake.

One Piece Manga Chapter 957 Release Date

As on now, there is no news about the chapter to get delayed. As per the official communication, One PIece Chapter 957 will get its release on 30th September 2019. But, if there is any delay in the Chapter release, then we will update you here.


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