PDF File Corruption, Why PDF files get corrupted & How to handle them?

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In this article, you will get to Know what are the common reasons for a PDF File Corruption and how to get away from a PDF file Corrupted? What options do you have when a PDF file is Corrupted?


What’s the PDF Format?

Corrupted PDF Documents
“A PDFis termed as Portable Document File (known as Netware printer definition document) which is used to signify different types of files, and it does need special software, hardware, and operating system. It’s usually an open standard of file exchange. It’s a type of formatting which has various features in it. It has particularly made by Adobe Systems in the early 1990’s for electronic printings and graphic arts.”

What Are the common Reasons For PDF File Corruption?

When a PDF is corrupted or damaged, definitely it can’t be opened in any case. And also, the reasons behind this corruption or damage could be the following:

  1. The cause behind the corruption can be a “virus-attack.” There are lots of viruses, for example, Trojan viruses and worm which can terribly affect the PDF documents and damage them completely.
  2. PDF File Corruption also happens while downloading a PDF from a website. Reasons are like a Partial download of the PDF File or an interruption of the file download during the download process. Any of these reasons can lead to a corrupt or damaged PDF.
  3. Improper Shut Down of the computer, while a PDF document is in open state can lead to PDF File Corruption.
  4. In some cases, PDF documents damaged due to some mismatched applications running on the computer at the same time or in some cases due to affected software program or hardware.

Common Error Messages of a Damaged or Corrupted PDF Document?

When any PDFgets damaged or corrupted, we acquire some screen and non-screen errors, and a few of them might be such as:

  • The error message shows on your screen- “Content is missing,” or even “Images are not opening.”
  • We usually get an error on our screen- “File is damaged or corrupt.”
  • An error shows something like this- “There was an error opening this file. The main object is invalid or missing.”
  • An error message such as this- “File doesn’t start with %PDF.”

What should we do when a PDF gets damaged?

You can use the following four methods to handle when you face a PDF Damage:

  • Disable “view in browser” feature.
  • Download PDF file to the hard disk drive.
  • Take a look at Security Options.
  • View another PDF file from a different server.

Use Proper PDF Tools to Manage your PDF Documents

There are a large number of businesses who provide such PDF tools, such as soda pdf. However, we better not to buy them before testing. We must always opt for those offerings who give free trial offer version of their tools. As in this way, we can easily become familiar with a lot about their tool. Sometimes it happens that we buy a software program without testing and we feel regret when it does not work. Hence we should always check them with a trial copy before buying a license.

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