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Rabbit Alternatives are now available. However, watching movies and tv shows with family makes us happy. Rabbit is a special platform where you can watch movies and tv shows at night along with the family. Similar to this website there are also alternatives present over here.


What is Rabb.it?

Rabb.it is a free streaming website. It was launched in 2014 in California. You can watch movies and tv shows at any time using this. Also, you can chat with your friends while watching a movie. This website allows 25 members to group chat. Moreover, it is a free and easy-to-use platform. Now, it is closed and handed over by Kast. So, alternatives like this website can be used to watch movies.Rabb.it dashboard

Free Rabbit Alternatives of 2021

To watch movies and tv shows the list of Rabb.it alternatives are present below:

1. Tutturu Tv

You can open this website by typing Tutturu.tv in chrome or another browser. This website is similar to the rabbit website. You can invite your friends to a chat room to watch a movie at a time. It is a shared browsing service. The ex rabbit website user can easily handle this and like it.Tutturu image

You can share youtube, reedit, and anime sites with your friends. Moreover, it can be accessed by both Android as well as iOS users. To do all these the host should pay a small amount of money to the website.

2. Airtime

Airtime website gives the user video sharing experience. If you are watching a movie and miss your friend’s company then simply share the video and have their company in watching. This website allows you to co-watch with your friends and family.Airtime website

You can watch youtube videos, and listen to music together. However, you can invite 10 users to the chat room. Also, you can comment on the video you are watching by your audio. Even this website can be used by both android and iOS users.

3. Togethr Tv

As the name itself indicates you can watch anything together. The special feature is it synchronizes the playback of video files. Moreover, it has a web-based interface. It is one of the best alternatives to rabbit websites. Without sharing your login information you can share the video. You can stream content on Netflix, Hulu, and so on.Rabbit Alternative

Also, you can use this website version on the desktop. Moreover, you can share music files directly to the pc and can listen together. If there is the availability of a microphone then you can audio chat with your friends while watching a movie.

4. Kosmi

Kosmi website is one of the best alternatives for rabbit sites. You can share the watching experience with your friends by inviting them. Also, you can chat with your friends about the video in the chat room. The special feature of this website is you can play games and chat at the same time.Rabbit Alternative

The user no need to sign up for using this website. Moreover, the user interface used is straightforward.

5. ShareTube

Using the shareTube website you can create a chat room quickly. Also, you can share the video you are watching with your family and friends. You can watch youtube videos, stream rabbit services in it. Also, you can create a playlist and use it.ShareTube dashboard

The user interface is simple to use. Without creating an account you can create and join the chat room. It works only for youtube. When you enter the URL of the video it starts streaming. It allows group chats to feature it.

6. Metastream

Metastream allows live sync playback. The video quality to be played is high. You can chat on-screen with your friends. Also, you can queue the videos you want to stream. This platform supports all streaming apps like amazon prime, Netflix, youtube, and so on.Metastream Dashboard

The thing was it do not allow to stream the downloaded content. Also, you cannot do audio chat using the webcam. Moreover, it is very useful for watch parties.

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7. Twoseven

Twoseven is one of the popular and best alternatives for rabbit websites. It is a countless video streaming website. Here you can share your favorite video with those whom you want to watch. It is free to stream.  You can watch Netflix and Hulu on this website.Rabbit Alternatives


Above mentioned sites are useful as alternatives to rabbit sites. Also, sites like Netflix party, Surge live, synaptic, team flix, caracal club, together, Animeparty, and, SyncLounge are available to watch movies along with your friends and family. Not only movies you can also stream series with them. Some of them support audio chat and others do not support it. But, all sites can be shared to watch videos with friends. However, the rabbit site can be replaced with its alternatives.

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