Selling PRINCE2 as a Project Manager

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Selling PRINCE2 as a Project Manager
Selling PRINCE2 as a Project Manager

Many people write simple sales letters that are actually a one-way sales script. I’m going to tell you that this is a great way to make more money, but it won’t work for everyone. If you have great copywriter skills, then it’s probably a great way to go — and you can probably alienate your prospects before you ever have a chance to impress them otherwise. If you’re not a great writer, writing a newsletter, articles or other types of non-sales copy is probably your best bet as a PRINCE2 Practitioner. What you need to know first is that all successful sales letters follow the AIDA principle. This stands for PRINCE2 as a Project Manager.





If you use this principle, you’ll find that your prospects will read your material, and they’ll be more than likely to do business with you — because they are going to want to know more about your offer. When you start off with writing about your product or service, make sure you’re in the 1st Step. Many people make the mistake of not focusing on this step, and this is why they end up with a one-way sales script. No action steps. No connection.

So in your first paragraph, there should be a headline and another headline. And your third one should be a very simple call to action. Here’s an example of a headline you can use:

“5 Amazing Ways To Improve Your Family Life In 30 Days!”

Or, “How YOU Can Achieve $1 Million In Sales In 30 Days!”

Or, “How To Avoid $28Executive Support In Lingerie For One Month”

Or, “How To Get An Extra 1,000edin Each of 30 Days!”

See, this headline can have any number of words in it, but it should keep it short and as long as possible. 80-250 words is a good average. After you have the headline written, then it’s time to write the first few paragraphs. Remember, you are writing an ad. Even though you’re advertising an idea, you are still writing ad copy.

So many people assume they can write ads more easily than a headline. But no, this isn’t true. The biggest most common question is “Are these ads really good?”

Well, sure…

But the real question isn’t, “Are these ads good?”

The real question should be, “Can I make money with them?”

You see, the biggest thing is never to go “out on a limb” unless you are 100% sure of success. No matter what you’ll risk…

…the results you’ll get…

So be sure to have your product or service already work in a variety of different ways and industries. For example, after I started explaining how my product works in this fashion, I then tried to sell it for computer training.

Real quick, I read through about 20 magazines… magazines that sold computer training.

And when I saw a headline that I really wanted to advertise in, I sent them my ad in the simplest of forms. Just a few lines…

Me: “John, the magazine sold computer training. Me?”

active: “Yes

Me: “Do you have what I want, John? How much?”

Their response: “We only have 3 concepts right now…”

Once I had the magazine right, I mailed in a blitz letter for one-day-only… so the ad copy could be changed by me for one-day-only… so they only had the ad for one-day.

And I got 3 sales in the first 12 hours. And the thing is that these magazines are incredibly successful marketing tools… and I am right in the middle of changing my product and marketing campaigns.

The biggest thing to remember when using a headline AT ALL is to start with an attractive headline, then finish it with a strong offer. Stick with this for a while, and see if your results improve. If they don’t, it’s time to start writing or rewriting.

If you have a drab headline idea that has 1-3 actionable steps, then that’s great — write the headline.

Perhaps you are not really sure how to do this. Should you hire a copywriter to get your headline right? Heck no! because you should deal with someone who can get your advertising campaign going for you on your own.

If you are not a good writer, then then I highly recommend you at least learn how to write a letter. This is something that you can hit your head on with your actions.

Maybe you can hire someone to help you with this task. Or you can hire someone else to help you out. They can do the writing work for you. But if you have a pretty good understanding of the sales process and marketing, then you’ll probably have the best chance of success.

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