Why you should have Strong, and Secure passwords

Cyber theft is a major topic of concern in today’s fast-moving world where everything revolves around digital devices. As helpful as these computing devices are, they equally become the reason to expose your vulnerability. Even though they make your daily life tasks easy if you are not careful enough while engaging with the internet, a minute slip from your side may result in a serious theft in your cyber security. Hacking has become the easiest tool to do so and hacking into your devices has become like a piece of cake for thieves in recent years. 

Secure passwords

The easiest way to get into your system for hackers is to crack your passwords. And that is why you are always advised to have complicated passwords to secure your privacy. You won’t be able to notice the intrusion of unauthorized access in your system if the prowlers can guess your password correctly. Once they can guess your password and hack into your devices or accounts, it won’t take much time to obtain your vital information like your bank account details, personal details, contacts, photos, etc. Since they get in through your passwords, it is difficult to notice the intrusion quickly and nab them. And by the time you retrieve your security, it gets too late to save the lost. So isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

If you keep limited information to be exposed on the internet and take proper digital security measures from the start, you will be able to get yourself off from compromising your privacy. A simple thing like a password can hold great significance in your online privacy and security. And choosing a solid password can save you from putting your important information in jeopardy. There is always a set pattern of passwords that hackers grab from your daily online activities to get into the system. Therefore, unpredictable passwords make it difficult for the steelers to recognize the set pattern.

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There are many risks involved if you don’t take your password setting process seriously-

Data breach:

Without a strong password, your electronic devices become an easy target for hackers or malware attacks which can steal all the stored information from the device without the knowledge of the System’s owner.

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Financial risk:

If you are highly engaged in online banking or any other kind of money transactions from your device, you must be aware that your device saves the information you input. A weak password opens the possibility of exposing your bank account details as well as access to them for cyber stealers, thereby putting you at financial risk.

Privacy threat:

Getting unauthorized access to your device with a predictable password can result in an invasion of your privacy. The miscreant not only gets the chance to access your personal information, contacts, photos, videos, audios, files, documents, etc but also will be able to download or make copies of them for their evil intents.

Probable crime:

Hackers or intruders may also hack into your system to commit a crime. Using your web address or social media account, bank account, other application, or in any other way to do something illegal or harm without your knowledge may put you in a dangerous situation. You may be set up as a culprit for the crime they committed.

Ergo, even though you might have not put much thought while setting your passwords before. You must now think of all the above possibilities to take precautions. Although the above points might have built fear or nervousness in you with negative but true facts that have been laid out. You don’t need to be anxious about it as setting a strong and unpredictable password is not that complicated either. 

You just have to keep a few important key points in your mind while thinking of a password.

  • Think of a long and complex password as it takes more effort and time for the hackers to crack it.
  • You can make your password complex by including special characters like commas, parentheses, brackets, numbers, percent signs. You can make various combinations of passwords using these which will be hard to guess.
  • You must not be less than at least ten characters.
  • You can also make a combination password with the use of uppercase and lowercase letters in a few characters of the password.
  • While making a complex password, keep it in a way that you will be able to remember it. So, you don’t have to write it down somewhere putting the risk of revealing it or it being stolen by someone.
  • You are advised not to use the same password for two or more devices or accounts. Because if one can infiltrate one device, it becomes easy for them to hack into others as well.  


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