The Keys to prince 2 Project Success in London

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The Keys to prince 2 Project
The Keys to prince 2 Project

The Keys to prince 2 Project

a solid project management plan, work organization, and quality assurance.  These are concepts in which we work every day.   What we try to do in the non-PM world can be hard to model.  It is often difficult from within the keys to prince 2 project management to get always know what is happening, why it is happening, and where it is happening.  With the many details or components that make up a project and the many people who work on that project, the trouble is that to maintain success, your best practices or people skills must always be “read”, serviced, and most important –  understood.  Each component of a project is different, needs an individual approach, with many of these components, just like people, in different roles and locations. As on a prince 2 Foundation London certification.

Having a solid plan is key.  Often time is spent with people exhibiting the inability to plan.  It is headed debt and makes it an easy choice to postpone them.  A ” What if” or “what if I could could” occurs, deadly to future adventure and its execution.  Develop and execute a strategy, a fast, and thorough plan in advance.  The strategy is the foundation of the whole project.  A solid proposal in writing is a key ingredient, although good planning is should be accompanied by the proposal, as whatever your outlook on the restaurant, most people would very quickly go into a question asking mode because it is something they have not associated themselves with.  Having something solid to reinforce various interactions is a key element.  We mean to say there are far greater risks and difficulties in a bad plan than in a good one.

In order to execute a successful plan and its execution, work organization is key.  Work organization is a term for the best utilization of the resources of time, people, money, etc.  The degree of work organization should be key to the program’s success.  The saying “A place for everything and everything in its place” should never be verbalized.  It must be applied.  Work organization is best organized along the critical path.  When everyone, or almost everyone, is working on what is soon to be at that next critical piece of the project, the likelihood of success is high.  Even when we know there are many people to go through, a simple activity scheduled to be performed or an assignment dropped, everyone is known, alive, and well.  Always do things from the right to the left.  In addition, there will be a much lower loss of the critical components when individual meetings are held along the critical path.  Always take advantage of the deep level of quality assurance.  Keep in mind that quality assurance begins and ends with the team.  Quality assurance should always be in a group environment, or at least for most of the work.

Quality assurance is not synonymous with product quality.  If we take one exposure of a problematic product, or a routine practice performed in a production setting, we will often hear people comment on a “Poor Job”.  Should not the employee be analyzing the process of how they perform their work and its particular aspects?  After all, the building and maintenance side of the operation needs to maintain as much accuracy as possible.  I believe that with every work effort there is always a level of quality that is acceptable.  We should never fall into the mindset of accepting good work, as good enough.  The whole project and everyone involved are in fact an accurate expression of the existing scope of the work.

Quality assurance is in essence the creation and diverse altitudes of project endpoints.  If we happen to commit to doing the job as described, the project cannot be faulted for its collapse within operating parameters.  The utilization of the team and its individual components, the implementation must be as flexible as possible limiting.   Sometimes production will push production almost too hard, for example, if the date is extended to make up for a client requirement.  Coming up with the numbers, or even perhaps demanding an additional onsite service, there may be issues.  New additions to product plans, or creating new steps in the production process, is something that occurs on a regular basis.  Often we get a customer that needs that 3rd pantry goods order prior to a Departmental cancellation.  Or a critical shipment has to be made weeks behind schedule.  To make a product usable or useful, it must be capable of performing according to a customer’s delivery schedule.

Each specific work associate, his or her surrounding direction but the most important part, the working endpoint must be streamlined.  When someone comes that will work together, or fellow associates need to be in daily contact, the focus is lost and any chance of business success is lost.  Before you get to the end flow….a complete disaster.

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