How To Type Spanish Words and Accents?

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Spanish Words and Accents can be entered into the device. Spanish is fairly easy to learn. Also, it is pretty straightforward language. It also sounds just like what it looks. These words are easy to understand and simple to use.


About the Spanish Language

The Spanish language is a romance language. In Europe, the language got originated. Presently, it is the global language used by 500 million native speakers. Also, it is the world’s second most native spoken language after Chinese and mandarin. About 75 percent of modern Spanish vocabulary is derived from Latin.Spanish Words and Accents

However, it received influences from many different languages. It is one of the six official languages of the united nations. However, it is also the third most used language on internet websites after English and Chinese.

How To Type Spanish Words and Accents?

By using the keyboard you can simply type the Spanish words. Below is the way to type the Spanish words and accents. You can use the numeric keyboard side of your keyboard to make enter words.

For the “Windows” computer press the “ALT” key plus the number.

á — Alt + 0225

é — Alt + 0233

í — Alt + 0237

ó — Alt + 0243

ú — Alt + 0250

ñ — Alt + 0241

ü — Alt + 0252

¡ = Alt + 0161

¿ = Alt + 0191

Mac users

The people who use Mac can type Spanish in the following ways. Hold down the “Option” key, then type the letter “e”. However, release those keys and type the letter you want to appear.Spanish Words and Accents

  •  á – Opt + e, then a
  • é – Opt + e, then e
  • í – Opt + e, then i
  • ó – Opt + e, then o
  • ú – Opt + e, then u
  • ñ – Opt + n, then n
  • ü – Opt + u, then u

Moreover, to type the upside punctuation mark. Press the following keys

Opt + 1 = ¡

Opt + shift + ? = ¿

Windows 10 Users

  1. Firstly, tap on the Windows “Start Menu”. Then, open the “Settings” menu. Which looks like a gear icon.
  2. In the settings menu, you click on “Time & Language”.
  3. Then, on the left-side menu, tap on “Region & Language”.
  4. Here at bottom of the page, it should list the language that your keyboard is currently set up for now. For many users in the U.S., it will say “English (United States)”.  Select on this entry to select it.
  5. There can see options that appear beneath the keyboard language after you selected it. Tap on the button that says “Options”.
  6. Now in the form will show the “Keyboards” that are installed on the computer. Too many users in the U.S, it gets displayed as “US”. Now, tap on the “plus (+) button” to add to a new keyboard.
  7. From the list displayed of keyboards, tap on the one that says “United States-International”. To find the option you can scroll down.
  8. The keyboard gets installed. Now, close the Settings menu.
  9. On your Windows 10 taskbar which is at the bottom on the very right, you should now see an indicator of which language is your keyboard is currently using. It likely says “ENG US” or “ENG INTL”.
  10. Now tap on it to change the current keyboard any time you need to. You want to use the “ENG INTL” keyboard to easily type Spanish characters.
  11. Also, you can switch keyboards by pressing the Windows key and the space bar simultaneously.
  12. Now that you have the International Keyboard installed. By using this you can type Spanish words easily.

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The Spanish words and accents can be typed using a keyboard. The mac users and Windows 10 users can use the above ways to type the words. It is easy to process and can understand easily.

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