How To Type Square Root Symbol On Keyboard ?

Square Root Symbol cannot be typed directly from the keyboard. But, in the document, you need to enter the symbol. Then, here we have some methods to type this symbol from the keyboard. However, there are some shortcuts to type the symbol.


How To Type Square Root Symbol?

On the keyboard, there are some shortcuts. By using them you can enter special symbols like square root into the document. Here are some methods to insert the symbol:

Method 1: Using Alt:

There are some symbols where you can insert any symbols. By using Alt code you can enter the square root symbol using a keyboard. Type the code “221A”, and “Alt+251”. Alt code is the shortcut for inserting a square root symbol. Below is the process to insert the symbol using the keyboard:

  • First press “Alt” and then hold it.
  • Then, by holding the alt key type “251” on the numeric keypad.alt key
  • Later release the “Alt” key.
  • In this way, you can insert square root into your document, notepad ++, or WordPad.

Method 2: Using Insert Equation

By using Microsoft Word you can easily type math symbols. However, they are not available directly on the keyboard. Ms word made it easy. If you are typing a document on word and should insert a square root symbol. Below is the process to insert the symbol to document:

  • Firstly, press insertion pointe to the place you want to insert the symbol.
  • Then, press “Alt+=” on your keyboard. Equation field gets displayed.
  • Here type “\sqrt” and then press “Space bar”.type equation
  • After typing “\sqrt” and space bar. Then “Square root symbol” gets inserted into your document.
  • By using this process you can insert any math symbol into your document.

Method 3: Using Insert Dialog Box

This method does not involve a keyboard. But, you can insert the square root and math symbols into your document. In Ms Excel, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint we have some insert symbol options. Here is the process to insert symbol:

  • Tap on “Insert” then go to the “Symbol” option.Square Root Symbol
  • Here you can find the “More symbols…” option.Square Root Symbol
  • The symbols dialog box gets displayed. There you try to search for the “Square root” symbol.
  • To locate the symbol scroll them up or down.
  • Also, to find it easily, at the bottom area of the box. Tap on the “Unicode(hex)” option at the right bottom of the box.
  • Then, at the top right area, you will find “Subset”.
  • Besides the subset, there will be a box. Therefrom the drop-down menu selects “Mathematical Operators”.
  • Here from the list of symbols select “Square root symbol”.Square Root Symbol
  • Click on the symbol and then tap on “insert”. Double click on the square root symbol to insert your document.
  • After inserting the symbol close the dialog box.

Method 4: Using Copy and Paste 

You already know about the “copy and paste” function. This is the easiest way to insert the symbol. Irrespective of work or software you are using. You can use this method to insert the symbol. ctrl C and ctrl V are the shortcut methods to insert the symbol.copy

Importance of Square Root

The square root is one of the mathematical symbols. It is used to find the square root of a number. Every number has two square roots. The designation “the square root” is often used to refer to the principal square root. This is the symbol used for “√”  in Word.sqrt


Square root symbol can be inserted using the keyboard. By using shortcuts from the keyboard the symbol can be inserted. Math symbols are not displayed on the keyboard directly. There are some methods to insert the symbol in the document. By using alt code you can insert the symbol from the keyboard.

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