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Understanding prince2 Project
Understanding prince2 Project

Which is the most avoided question for project managers? Or if you have the opportunity to ask that question, what would you ask? Most would probably say about the scope of the project and its impact on the organization. understanding prince2 project managers need not worry that it is not definite. It is honest and clear-cut whether the scope of the project is the defining context or not. However, this is not where the question is needed, but that this is where you need to clarify and define the basic concepts. As on a PRINCE2 Belfast and practitioner training.

Commonly, project management involves activities that we could call overall, unit, or scope and resource management. I should note that each term describes different processes, and are not always effective in doing the proper job.  So, I will stick only to the most powerful in the Cart Museum. The most illusive term of project management is resource management. It offers maximum wrangling with the management of a vast number of resources. We have resources as a human, financial, material resource – ancillary or associated. These resources include the people involved, the materials and support they use, the time and effort on their part, and the cost.


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tide Tier diagrams hoping to have a best practice class on the fundamentals and understanding the project portfolio.  These are great reference tools when you go to a professional and ask for help on project management.  I will give you a project portfolio example. It is a large aerial photograph with a below-the-surface image depicting panoramic views imagining users having a good or bad view.  I will use a model that is taken three years ago and highlights the three main projects on this particular project. Others may not be the case, but this is specific and important to the project. While looking at these projects, it is a good visual guide to how varying individual projects are structured.

For this example, I will use only two of these processes, resource management, and time and effort.  Enough to say, the success or otherwise of the projects depends very much on the functional alignment of each project.

Resource Management

The first step in resource management is to build up an inventory of all resources that are being used or needed to complete the project.  The inventory is compiled on a timescale.  Each project has a unique set of resources that it uses so these should be at a particular time in the inventory.  The major problem with time and effort inventory is that it is based on the schedule and cost,  and does not include some vital aspects of the process.

Here is a brief example:  If an initial cost of $500,000 for the project per month is figured then the monthly cost of resources would be in the order of $20,000.  However, if this project is going to be 30% over schedule and over budget then even $100.00 of the resource classification does not add., so the actual cost of expertise will be $150.00 per month.

It is at this point that a project should reject a resource need to be experienced as an overspend.  Often it is better to post this potential overspend on the back burner until there are viable options in the budget.

Time and effort Inventory

Time and effort will need to be recorded on a timescale more than resource inventory or inventory management for each project.  The various processes that define the project’s life cycle should be recorded.  The status of each project should be recorded in time and effort terms.  If we are not doing a quality job with time and effort, then this is the area to fine-tune the time and effort management.

The review of timescales and conditions of a project’s life will show where improvements should be made in order to maximize the usage of resources. endeavor and money may be consumed however if one is looking after the projects well, one will have less in the long term. The next step should be to ensure that time and effort are recorded in the most appropriate way.


A critical way to understand project management is to understand the life cycle of the project. Time and effort and resource management are examples of the aspects that allow us to track a project, but they do not define all aspects of project management. For this level of understanding, we need to have a method of recording these processes so it becomes easy to gauge the effectiveness and efficiency of the project or initiative. This method needs to include all the time, effort, and resource-intensive functions along with some development and operational analysis of time, effort, resources, and other aspects of the project.

This method to measure the project management process is an effective tool for developing a good method for the overall management of all projects.

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