Best Virtual Activities to boost Employee Wellbeing

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Employee Wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing: London is said to be the city where you can vanish without a trace. It is so complicated with every kind of activity and event where there is no competition in the abundance of team-building activities. Yes, in London or anywhere else in the world, due to the covid situation, remote work is now the norm.

Without question team-building in the current scenario requires these bonding tactics more than ever. While at a physical workspace, we are naturally or trained to bond with our colleagues. It is so easy to start a coffee-machine chit-chat, lunchtime gossip, or any other fun and light-hearted activities to build up trust and reliability. 

In London, there are a lot of Virtual activities to boost employee wellbeing available following all the safety measures and restrictions at both local and national levels. Of all the team-building activities in London, virtual activities to boost employee wellbeing are a major attraction. A lot many activities got redesigned to bring it right to the living room team-building setup. 


Virtual Activities to Boost Employee Wellbeing

The virtual show, of your Skill

Every one of your team would have some skill that they are proud of. Inviting each one of the team to showcase something they are good at is a great way to boost everyone’s self-esteem. The important part to focus on is to appreciate even the simplest skill they have which could even be unrelated to the job description. 

It could range from cool coding skills, typing mastery, Rubik’s cube pro, to even a wired yoga pose. Letting them talk freely about their simple skills, the bonding will be faster and everyone will get to learn something new about each other.

Online Games for Fun Team bonding

Aim for the ridiculous and that is where the fun lies. Yes, such games will make your colleagues take off the somber pose and laugh out loud with their colleagues. Along with the seriousness of the job it is always good to bring such fun to free time. 

If your team isn’t up for it, you can look for some other virtual activities to boost their spirit. There are literally millions of games that you can play online under successful Team Building Activities in London.

Charades: the famous guess the word game, fun fact guessing game, etc. can also be fun to play online. 


There is starting trouble for your teammates to get acquainted. Asking trivial questions to them on any topic is a fun way to open the way for them. 

On a more serious alternative, you can do fun but serious personality tests to find if your colleagues are extroverts or introverts. This way the emotional well-being of your employee will be boosted. Quoting educational information while doing this activity is an added benefit.

Remote cook-along class

With a rich culture to brag about, London has a plethora of dishes, and you can invite your colleagues to try it out with each other.

Social Distancing Team-building activities in London

London in this peculiar situation also has numerous options such as  Corporate Cooking Event, Land, Sea, and Air event, etc which are activities that help to boost employee wellbeing.

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