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Watch Anime Online

If you are reading this article, then you are definitely looking for websites to watch Anime online. In fact, there are many online websites that stream the latest anime online, same time as Japan. Hence, we are giving you the list of legal Online Anime Website.

Note: GeekBlog do not support any illegal activity. Watching Anime is illegal.


List of Online Anime Streaming Websites

Below is the list of all legal sites that provides Online Anime Website. If you want to know more about Online Anime streaming platforms, let us know in the comment below

1. VIZ:

Viz is one of the most trusted online platforms from where you can watch Anime as well as Read Manga. They have all the latest Anime movies and web series. You can buy Anime and Manga directly through different official channels. This, in fact, is a small search engine to buy Anime and Manga series online.

2. Crunchyroll:

If you are more interested in weekly releasing Anime and Manga, then you must try Crunchyroll. This is another famous online Anime and Manga Streaming platforms. Most popular like Boruto, Radiant, Monster Strike, and more are featured here. If you want to know about other ANime series let us know in the comment. To get access to Crunchyroll content you need to buy their plan.

3. Funimation:

Another most popular anime streaming website is Funimation. This is official distributors for most of the Anime in the US and other countries. The only drawback is that you cannot access this website in many countries. But, if you know how to access this through VPN networks, then you might get access to amazing Animes online. Similar to Crunchyroll this is also a paid platform.

4. Hulu:

Hulu has recently started paid streaming Japanese Anime on their platform. But, not all the anime can be accessed through this platform. Depending on your country’s right you might not get access to your favorite anime. But popular Anime like Naruto, One Piece and more are available in almost all the countries.In fact, these are the most popular Anime on Hulu.

5, Netflix:

Similar to Hulu, Netflix has also shown its interest in Japanese Anime. You can watch popular Anime like One Punch Man on Netflix. In recent years, we have seen a lot of new anime being featured on Netflix, but it also has content restrictions as per its geographical location.

6. Amazon Prime Video:

Another big name like Amazon has also been interested in Japanese Anime these days. One of the most trending Anime in Amazon Prime Video is Vinland Saga. But having geographical restriction on content, you might have access to all the content.  But, we have seen Amazon putting interest in making their Original Japanese Anime

The above is the list of Anime websites from where you can watch Anime online. There are also illegal platforms but we do not encourage to watch anime from there. That’s because we should respect the artist working behind this.

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