Who Develops 35mm Film?

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Develops 35mm

Who develops 35 mm film? If you are wondering where to get 35 mm film developed, there are plenty of options available. Even though digital photography and filmmaking have become incredibly popular, there are still lots of people who love the nostalgia of 35 mm film. You might be one of them, and you could be wondering where to get this type of film developed. The good news is that there are plenty of options available, but you need to think carefully about what is right for you. If you are wondering where to get your 35 mm film developed, take a look at a few of the top options below, and find the best possible location to develop your film.


The Top Factors To Consider

Before you decide to get your film developed, you need to think carefully about how you will decide who you want to develop your film. A few of the factors include:

  • You need to think about who is operating in processing your film. Make sure they have plenty of experience working with this type of equipment.
  • You also need to think about the type of equipment they have available. Just because they can develop 35 mm film doesn’t necessarily mean they have the equipment to do the best possible job.
  • You also need to think about the types of colors they produce. When you develop your 35 mm film, you want the color footage to look beautiful. Sometimes, people without a professional background do not provide the best color results.

After you think about these factors, take a look at a few of the top places you can get your film developed. 


Of course, one of the most popular places to get 35 film developed is Walmart. Walmart is popular for just about everything, so it should come as no surprise that they have the capability to help you develop your film. 

Walmart is a good location if you are looking to save money. They have some of the cheapest options available, so this may be the place for you if you have a lot of film that needs to be developed. On the other hand, the people who run the developing stations at Walmart do not necessarily have the most experience. Therefore, if you want the best possible results, you may want to go somewhere else.

CVS or Walgreens

Another option you may want to consider if you would like to get your film developed is a pharmacy such as CVS or Walgreens. They have a lot of photography and film equipment, and they can help you develop 35 mm film. They are a bit more expensive than Walmart, but the equipment they have is also a little bit better. Therefore, this may be a good spot for you if you want better results.

On the other hand, they are still not as good as professionals. They do not necessarily have the top training, and they don’t necessarily have the best equipment. You may want to take a look at a few reviews and ratings before you decide to go with CVS or Walgreens.

After you get your film developed, do not forget to protect it by digitizing it. Even though your 35 mm film might look beautiful, it is subject to environmental degradation. As it is exposed to temperature changes and humidity, the quality of your film could suffer. The information on your film is important, so you need to make sure you protect it by producing a digital copy. For example, you may want to reach out to the professionals at ARS Video for help converting your 35 mm film to a digital format. Keep in mind that you will also get the original copy back when you are done. You will simply have two copies of your film. One will be digital and the other will be 35 mm. 

The FindLab Auto Scans

If you are looking for one of the best places to get your 35 mm film developed, you may want to reach out to the team from The FindLab. They have some of the top equipment in the industry, and their professionals have a tremendous amount of experience. They have multiple tiers from which to choose, so you can decide what type of equipment you want to use, how much you want to spend, and what type of quality you are looking for. 

If you aren’t sure exactly what you are looking for, their professionals can point you in the right direction. They will give you feedback, educate you on different film developing methods, and make sure you are happy with your results. 

Make Sure To Take Care of Your 35 mm Film

If you are asking yourself, “where can I get 35 mm film developed,” these are just a few of the top options available. Even though there are plenty of places where you can get this type of film developed, it is still important for you to protect your film. That is why you need to be careful about who you ask to develop your film. Then, remember to digitize your film as well. That way, you make sure you can protect it for future posterity. The footage on your film is valuable, and you need to make sure you care for it properly. 

The DarkRoom Film Developing

You might also be interested in an online-only option. That is where The DarkRoom Film Developing can be helpful. You might need to wait a little bit longer for your results because you need to ship your film to these professionals, but it will certainly be worth it in the end. You do not have to worry about people without a lot of experience ruining your film, and they have a variety of educational offerings that can help you learn more about the process. If you are wondering where to develop 35 mm film, consider going with the professionals from The DarkRoom.

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