Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story (2023)

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Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story

Taking inspiration from Snapchat, Instagram launched Stories in 2016. As they disappear after 24 hours, Stories became an instant hit with millennials who loved this new style of storytelling. Stories are mainly used to share glimpses of life with followers or just to share memes.

It is one of the most used features of the app. Given the ephemeral nature of Stories, taking screenshots is tempting when someone shares interesting content. But does Instagram notify users when their Stories are captured? We are here to provide information to help you avoid potential errors.


Notification when you take a screenshot of disappearing videos or photos?

As I just mentioned, things are a little different on screenshotting a photo or video that disappears in direct messages. So the answer is yes. Instagram notifies the other person when you take screenshots of their disappearing content. However, you may still want to take some screenshots of photos or videos that disappear in direct messages. In these cases, is there a way to do this without the other person receiving a notification? Yes, there are 3 different proven methods where you can take screenshots of disappearing content in other users’ direct messages.

Put your phone in airplane mode

So when you want to take a screenshot of a disappearing video or photo, just put your phone in airplane mode. Fortunately, the other person won’t be notified of your screenshot when you do so.
However, when you follow this method, the photo may not load because your phone is in airplane mode. So, to solve this problem, open the photo and hold your finger on it, and at the same time immediately put the phone in airplane mode. Now the photo is uploaded and you can take a screenshot.

There are two things you can do after doing this. You can immediately turn your phone on and off from airplane mode. However, I recommend that you delete the app, then switch your phone from airplane mode, and then install the app. In this way, we can be sure that the other person will not be notified in any way.

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Log in to your Instagram account in a web browser

First, make sure you download a tool with which you can take screenshots. You can also use the snipping tool that is already installed on your computer. This tool is installed on all Microsoft Windows 10. However, if you are using another version of Microsoft Windows, you may need to download a tool like this. Once you have the right tool, log into your Instagram account in a web browser and go to direct messages and take a screenshot of any video or photo you want to disappear. Instagram will not notify the other person if you take a screenshot in a web browser.

Use another device’s camera

You don’t even have to do all of that. You can just grab another phone or camera and snap a few photos or videos that disappear in someone’s direct messages. However, taking a picture or recording someone else’s content with another device’s camera will obviously affect the quality of the content, whatever it is.
Do not use these methods to share someone’s picture, content, and confidential personal information.


Sometimes you are tempted to screenshot videos or photos on Instagram. This isn’t against Instagram’s guidelines, and you can do it anyway. Also, Instagram doesn’t notify anyone if you take a screenshot of their story. However, when it comes to taking photos or videos disappear in direct messages, Instagram warns the other person. So, if you don’t want to get caught taking screenshots in this case, you can use one of the three methods you learned here.

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