5 Amazing IPTV Apps for iOS & Android of 2021

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Gone are the days when you would fight with your siblings over the remote control because they would want to watch Animal Planet and you did not want to miss out on your favorite soap opera. These days, TV shows are available on-demand through live streaming and downloading via the internet instead of satellites. In this place, we are providing the details of 5 Amazing IPTV Apps for IOS.

The revolution of IPTV has made the lives of people much more manageable. Do you want to know which IPTV apps are the best for iOS and Android? I have prepared a shortlist for you, give it a read.


5 Amazing IPTV Apps for IOS

1. GSE Smart IPTV

GSE Smart is arguably one of the best options if you are considering an IPTV. This app has many positive reviews, and this app is globally viral. It comes with a GSE playlist manager that allows you to manage your playlist on an iOS platform. You can also organize all your favorite channels in one playlist, and import them to the database.

2. Ottplayer

The second app on my list is Ottplayer. This app also received a lot of positive reviews. It enables you to manage all your IPTV playlists together and adjust the order of the channels.

Some of the smart TVs already have this app installed in them. It also lets you customize the channel icon. Also, guess what, you don’t have to bear with any pop-up ads! I know you love it already.

3. Strong IPTV

Although it is one of the emerging IPTVs, I have personally used this IPTV, and I find it convincing. The catch is that this app charges pennies for the outclass service that it provides.

If you are not willing to spend much money on an IPTV, then this is the best option for you to try out. Their staff is also quite responsive and accommodating. Here is the link for the best IPTV subscription that you can get your hands on if you are on a budget.


This app is the most downloaded IPTV app that you can find on both iOS and Android platforms.This app supports both the M3U and XSPF formats. It has limited customization options, however. It allows you to display the channels in a grid, tile or list view.

If you are planning to get a host device like an Android set-top box, then it is worth knowing that the pro-version of this app lets it auto-start whenever the device boots up. It also allows you to stream your favorite shows without any pop-up ads. How convenient!

5. VLC

You probably did not know that one of your most trustworthy and favorite media players supports IPTV. People use this app globally because of its compatibility to almost any format. It lets you stream any show without having to install a separate application. The video quality is high-definition, and you would not be disappointed by the performance. All you need is an M3U playlist, and you are good to go.

So these are all my favorite IPTVs, and I hope you end up finding the perfect match that suits your needs. Cheers!

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