Samsung One UI Battery gets drained fast. So, by using some methods you can fix the issue. There are so many complaints from Samsung galaxy. The battery drains unwantedly. However, there are currently two versions of Samsung One UI Home – One UI Core and Full-fledged One UI.


Ways To Fix Samsung One UI Battery Drain

Following is a list of methods by which the battery drain can be fixed.

1. Dark Mode

Almost all the Samsung galaxy mobiles like the galaxy M, A, S, and note series come with AMOLED displays. AMOLED panels are battery-friendly when used in dark mode. However, Samsung has integrated with a built-dark theme. Using dark mode consumes less power. It does not require each pixel to lit up the display.dark mode on UI

From the notification toggle, you can enable the dark mode. There is also another way to enable the dark mode. It is clicking on the Settings app then tap on the display and then click on dark mode. In this way, by using the dark mode you can fix the battery drain issue.

2. Disable AOD

AOD – means Always On Display. It is one of the best addition to one UI. The role of the AOD is it customizes your screen to show date, time, notifications, screen savers, battery status, and more. However, the AOD consumes battery life whether you use mobile or not. As per the average, it consumes 1% of the battery life per hour.

disable AOD

On top of that, you will add pictures to the display. It will drain the battery quicker. So, to save the battery you should disable AOD. For this, you simply drop down the notification bar then disable the AOD toggle. Another way is you open the settings menu and then navigate to the lock screen. There you can see Always On Display(AOD) turn it off.

3. Power Mode

By using power mode you can customize the power savings. There is a power mode menu to manage power. After optimizing the power still if the battery is getting drained then go for medium power-saving mode. Below are the steps to manage power on galaxies:

  • Firstly, open the “Settings” app on your galaxy mobile.
  • Then go for “Battery” then to “Power mode”.
  • By default, it will be set to “optimize”.

Samsung One UI Battery

  • Then, go for maximum or medium power-saving mode.
  • By using this you can save the battery.

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4. Disable Fast Charging

Practically the battery has a fixed charge cycle. It helps to keep your device safe for a longer time. While the fixed charge cycle degrades over time. The fast charging speeds the degradation process. You can disable the fast charge from the settings menu. In emergency cases, you can enable the option. In this way by disabling the fast charging one can save the battery from getting drained easily.Samsung One UI Battery

5. Scan

Sometimes due to malware, the battery life gets drained. So, to check the malware you no need to install the third-party application from the play store. You can use the Samsung phone with multiple PCs to transfer files. Then you should scan the phone periodically.

However, Samsung has partnered with Mc Afee to provide a solution. So, you can open the Device Care app and then go to the Security option. Using this you scan the phone and remove irrelevant files. By removing them the battery drain problem may get solved.


Some methods to fix the battery drain issue are mentioned here. By following any one method you can fix the issue. Battery life getting drained is the major problem. If this arises you cannot use your mobile like before. By fixing it you can use the mobile happily.


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