Message Edit feature incoming WhatsApp confirms

Message Edit feature incoming WhatsApp

App messaging giant WhatsApp will soon launch its long-awaited editing feature. WhatsApp is said to be working on the new feature being tested. The messaging giant is working on the ability to edit text messages for a future WhatsApp beta update for Android, iOS, and desktop. The feature will allow users to edit their lyrics for future updates.

It simply means that users will have the opportunity to correct their texts long after they hit the submit button. The feature will eventually allow users to see when posts have been modified. Our technical experts report that the feature should have a time limit for editing messages.

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How does it work

The feature in development may have the label changed. WhatsApp tracker WAbetainfo shared a screenshot of the new feature in a chat. In the image above, users can see one of the posts with the modified tag next to the timestamp. The implementation of the feature can work just as easily as the WhatsApp message deletion feature.

Users currently have a limited time to delete messages after sending them to the recipients. A 15-minute window is probably the period during which users will need to quickly correct misspellings in messages. This may be a good time to address the sharing of false and manipulative content. It’s not yet clear if users who logged out will still see edited labels, but we’re excited to hear what the limitations of this anticipated feature will be.

Can users edit texts offline? Will the feature require the sender and receiver to be online for the changes to take effect? WhatsApp users have to wait a bit longer for the feature as WhatsApp has yet to confirm a date for the feature. It may take longer to reach beta testers as news of the feature has already been flooded with WhatsApp dumping water on previous speculation.


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