How To Pair Airpods To Chromebook?

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You can Pair Airpods To Chromebook. As many people are using Airpods for listening to music and for answering calls. Using this the radiation emitted from mobile can be reduced. However, you can pair both the Chromebook and Airpods.


Pair Airpods To Chromebook

These are the steps for pairing both devices.

  • Firstly, open the Chromebook.
  • Then go to the menu option. This is present below the right corner of the screen.
  • The battery percentage, Bluetooth, wi-fi, clock, notifications, and more. These are displayed on the menu screen.
  • Keep Airpods and their case near to your device.
  • Now, turn on the Bluetooth on Chromebook. When you turn it on the Chromebook automatically searches for wireless devices.Airpods connection
  • There you can see the Airpods device name. If Airpods do not appear directly on the Chromebook Bluetooth list, then you press and hold the “Setup” button. It is on the backside of the AirPods case.
  • When it appears on the Bluetooth list click pair. whatever the prompts appear click ok.Chromebook Airpods connection
  • Then they get paired. After getting paired you can adjust the volume of the Airpods.
  • You should stay within twenty feet radius of Chromebook to maintain Airpods.
  • Apple Airpods can only connect with apple products.

What are Airpods?

Airpods are the trending device in-between people. However, as everyone knows Airpods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds. These are first released in 2016. Within a short span, they became the most popular accessory for users. The Airpods were designed by the Apple company. Later different companies launched AirPods. Xiaomi Mi Airdots by Xiaomi Company, Samsung, and so on manufactured AirPods with different names for a low price.

It not only pays for the audio from the device but also has a microphone. Whereas the microphone filters the disturbance causes outside and background noises. When they are taken out it automatically pauses the audio. These have accelerometers as well as optical sensors. These are capable of detecting taps that are double-tap for pausing and playing the audio. Also, when it is placed in the ear the sensor detects.Airpods

In 2019, apple company released second-generation AirPods. It has hands-free “Hey Siri”  support. Also, it can be used for a long talk. The thing is the Airpods are chargeable. As you charge your mobile just like that you have to keep a charge for Airpods. These are packed with a case. Each Airpod of the first generation weighs four grams and the chargeable case weight is about 38 grams. The AirPods can be purchased from online shopping applications like Amazon, Flipkart, and more.

What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a laptop or tablet which works based on Linux. These are used to perform various operations. This device can run some Android apps. some devices can run Linux apps. The first Chromebook was sold by Acer and Samsung company has done shipping. In addition to Chromebook, it is developed as the desktop version. It was named Chromebox. You can also listen itunes on Chromebook.

Chromebox runs on the Chrome operating system. The all-in-one device called chrome base was also introduced. Google announced that the android apps will be available on Chromebook through google play access. Chromebooks are designed to be used only when it is connected to the internet. You can access Gmail, and social media applications. Whatsapp web, Instagram web, and connect Chromebook to Tv so on. Later on, Samsung developed Chromebooks namely the Samsung series 5, Series 5 550, Samsung Series 3, and Samsung Chromebook 3.Chromebook image

Hp company also released Chromebook in 2013. The battery of this device doesn’t last long. Later it got updated with its cons and released a new version. They are available in different colors. Chrome Pixel was the high-end machine in the Chromebook family. The aspect ratio of this device is 3:2. The Pixel book launched is the replacement of the Chromebook pixel. Samsung Company Chromebooks lasts a longer battery life. The Chromebook price is around 20,000 and above. You can shop the Chromebooks through online shopping platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

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