List Of 10 Best ROM Sites

Best ROM Sites are available on the web. ROM is nothing but Read-Only Memory. ROM basically images files that contain read-only data. You can access old video games using the Rom on your computer.


What is a ROM?

ROM- Read Only Memory is a type of electronic storage. It is an in-built device while manufacturing. VCRs, game consoles, and car radios use ROM for smooth functioning. Also, it remains viable without a power supply.ROM

ROM stores firmware. It is permanent software that is hard-wired with Integrated circuits. There are three types of ROM namely- PROM, EPROM, EEPROM.

PROM– Programmable Read-Only Memory. It is the blank version of ROM. Here you can purchase and can program once with the help of a programmer. PROMs are more vulnerable to damage than conventional ROMs.

EPROM– Erasable PROM. This chip allows the user to write and rewrite many times. However, this chip features a quartz window. It emits a special frequency of ultraviolet. To reopen the circuit it burns.

EEPROM– Electrically erasable PROM. This chip applies localized electrical fields to erase and rewrite the data. You can rewrite the program without removing it from the hardware.

Best ROM Sites

ROM allows the user to play old retro games on a single device. There are so many websites that some are spam websites and the other ones are good. Out of them, we have picked the 10 best ROM sites.

1. Gamulator Site

Gamulator has a big collection of games and consoles. Moreover, this website contains both emulators and ROM”s of popular games. Here you can find everything from Super Mario to Dragon Ball Z and NDS to NES.Best ROM Sites

Also, it has a very simple user interface. Pop-ups and advertisements can be seen when you visit the site.  The website claims to virus-free files, as the traffic is more. You can use this website not only on your desktop but also on your smartphone.

2. ROM Hustler

The user interface of this might not look modern. Also, the advertisements on this site are low. So, it makes comfort for the user to use it. It is famous for its vast library of ROMs.  Moreover, you can find the best emulators. For your favorite game, you have to use the search bar. the download process is quite simple.Best ROM Sites

The website contains a lot of traffic. It promotes downloads safe and securely. The traffic can be generated on customer ratings, and votes.

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3. CoolROM

CoolRom looks a little bit messy to many users. It is different from other websites. The user interface consists of a vast library of ROMs. From emulators DS, GBA, Gameboy, Nintendo, SNES, and more you can select any of these.Best ROM Sites

This website also contains advertisements. The downloading of the games are safe from viruses and malware.

4. DopeROMs Site

DopeROMs have a user interface that is simple. You can see four options and can select any of these Browse ROMs, Emulators, Game Covers & Arts, and Support. By clicking on any of these options you can get the Old Computer page where the game is available. Here you can download it safely.DopeROMs

5. Vimm’s Lair Site

In the dashboard, you can see Emulation Lair, The Vault, The Manual Project, Message Boards, and FFA Links. Emulation Lair here you can find console emulators. The Vault has thousands of games.Vimm liar

To proceed with Vimm’s lair site you can use a manual. If you have any doubts then also you can refer to it. This is ad-free and contains no pop-ups. So, it is easy to use for people. Even you can search for games using the search bar.

6. Easy ROMs Site

Easy ROMs site is one of the best ROMs sites. The website displays like a simple blog. Also, it has a simple and easy user interface. The owner of the website seems to be adding the links frequently. Moreover, the owner uploads ROM files on mega cloud storage.EasyROMs website

Like the above websites, Easy ROMs also have a number of games with different consoles. If you did not try up to now this website then you should definitely visit this.

7. The Eye

The Eye name looks a little bit familiar. It is basically a space where you can find your downloadable items. Also, it is an open directory data archive driven by the community. The main idea behind this website is to preserve or store any data ranging from websites, books to ideas.Eye website

As it is driven by the community the website is pop-up-free and ad-free. The content and links on this site are safe and virus-free. When you visit the website you can see emulators and consoles arranged beautifully. By clicking on them it will take directly to the games. Here you can download your favorite one.

8. NES Files

As the name indicates here you can find games related to the NES console. It has 350 NES games to choose more from it. Apart from games, you can also find user ratings, game music, NES simulators, cartridges, and more.NES website

Also, you can find codes and cheats for a particular game you want. If you want any game related to the NES console then you have to definitely visit this website.

9. ROMNAtion

Still, if you didn’t find the old game that you want to play. Then visit this website. Here you can find games like GameBoy, Atari2600, Colecovision, and GameBoyColor. The website is free of ads. You can see pop-ups while you are downloading the game. The download speed is up to mark and it depends on the speed of your internet connection.ROMnation website


Here you can find game consoles of sony from SONYISOS. The website is free of ads and pop-ups. It has a vast library of games and consoles. The owners generally upload files in parts on file-sharing sites such as so you might have to compromise on download speeds.SONYISOS site

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Final Words

Above mentioned sites are the Best ROM Sites. You can download any game from the sites. Some pop-ups can be seen while you are downloading games on any website.




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