Boruto Manga Chapter 40 – What Can We Expect?

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Boruto CHapter 40
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We are almost a week away from Boruto Manga 40 to get its release. And what excites more about this chapter is how will chunins from Leaf village along with Kawaki will fight against Boro who is as powerful as Jigen. But if we see close to all the members that Kawaki has teleported to the space-time are worthy enough to fight Boro. So, we are here to discuss about Boruto Manga Chapter 40 & our expectation and its release date. But, before that let me remind you about Kawaki mentioning that in Boruto Chapter 39 about Boro.

Boruto Chapter 40 Expected Spoiler

There are few things to discuss before we talk about the spoiler. 1st is that why did Jigen made Boro to guard this. Also, how all of a sudden Kawaki awaken his power and knew that he can use almost every jutsu that Jigen can. Does that mean, Kawaki already knew about it? Well, all that will be known once the chapter is out.

Now, coming back to Boruto Chapter 40 discussion, it is obvious that we are finally going to see some action. Also, there are rumors that we might finally see how Boruto and Kawaki will use their Karma. This makes us to think about the ability that Boruto will have. On the other hand, Sarada who owns a Sharingan might activate her Sharingan to the fullest.

Not to forget about Mitsuki who owns a Sage power might come handy while fighting Boro. But, will all of them together can match Boro? Well! that is still a secret. Only Kawaki knows about Boro’s ability. On the other hand, Sasuke who is all worn out is the leaf village is still unknown to Shikamaru. So will we see Sasuke’s appearance in this chapter or will it be all about Boro and other Chunins from Leaf?

Boruto Chapter 40 Release Date

The Raw Scan of Boruto Manga 40 will be out by the 17th or 18th of November, whereas the English version will out by 20th Nov 2019.

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