How To Track Someone’s Activity On Instagram?

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How To Track Someone’s Activity On Instagram? However, this is the most asked question from people. Actually, Instagram stopped showing others “Activity” in 2019. But there are some ways to find other activities.


How To Track Someone’s Activity On Instagram?

Before the 2019 updated version of the Instagram app, you can see what other people liked, whom they started to follow recently, and so on. As social media applications update most often so, some new features will be added or improved. Now, if you want to find others activity then you must download the additional application. In the play store, there are many apps. The applications namely insta online last seen activity tracker, Ins Tracker, and so on. Snoopreport is the website where you can sign up and you can start exploring it.By tracking their activity you can get benefitted of this websiteHow To Track Someone's Activity On Instagram

All the applications may not show the proper activity of others. Instagram after removing “Following” from “Activity” now you can see only what you are doing and how many follow requests you get. Also, if any one of your friends tags you in any post or reel you will get in the “Activity” column. The Activity option is available on Instagram as the heart symbol at bottom of the screen. How To Track Someone’s Activity On Instagram is solved by some other ways to track it.

What is the activity you can track now from others?

After updating now you can see only some activities of others from your mobile by following or not following.

If you are following a person and his or her account is private then you can only see what posts he or she is posting. You can also see what they posted in two ways: one is when you are going through a news feed if that person posts the video or picture you will be getting a pop-up that “New posts”.

Tap on it you will get his or her post. You can see the time when it is posted. the other way is to go to the search bar and then enter the username of the person you are following. Then tap on the person’s profile. Now you can see all the posts and highlights of the person with time under the post. In direct messages, you can also see what is the last activity status of that person. Some of their last seen or last activity status then you cannot see their last activity.Last seen on Instagram.

If you are not following and you want to know about their activity on posts. If the person’s account is private you cannot do anything. You can see only how many followers and following him or her on their profile. If his or her account is public then go to search and then type their username. Now tap on the profile. Here you can see their posts with date and year.Profile of public

About Others Activity on Followers and their Following

Open the Instagram app on your mobile or desktop. From your follower’s list open anyone’s profile. There you can see followers, following of that person. Now tap on any of them there you can see, whom that person is followed by or who is he or she following. If you like any of the profiles in the follower’s list of that person then you can also follow if it is a public account. For suppose if it is a private account you have to send follow request.Private account

If you are not following that person and his account is private you can only see the number of followers and following. But you cannot open them. The Account is public you can open the list and see whom they are following or followed by. If you like any profile you can also follow them.

Under the search bar, you can find many posts which are public. If you like any entertaining meme or any technical post it’s a general thing to like the post. Also if any one of your followers or the following person of your likes the post you can see their id. Under the post near like button, you can see “liked by Chaitanya” like that. In this way, you can know the activity of others.

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