Top 5 Free Music Player for Windows 10 in 2021

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Music Player for Windows 10 will be available by default. However, you are going to know about the top five free Music players for the laptop or desktop. The number of songs and playlists is preset on the music player.


What is Music Player?

The music player consists of millions of songs. Moreover, different types of songs namely folk, pop, mass, class, hip-hop, romantic, and rocking music are available. Also, music by various artists is been stored in the app.Music Player

There are also playlists according to the type of songs. The latest hits, trending songs are the names of some playlists. You can set a song as your ringtone for incoming and outgoing calls. Also, you can set an alarm ringtone. Podcasts are available and can be recorded even. Music is the combination of lyrics, tune, singer, and composer. There are music colleges to learn music who are interested.

Top 5 Free Music Player for Windows 10 in 2021

Below are the five free music applications for windows 10 desktop or laptop. The names of the apps are Groove Music, Bread player, Spotify, Winamp, and iTunes.

1.Groove Music

Groove music is known as formerly Xbox music. This is one of the best music streaming app. Also, groove music is a free music application. It is available for both android as well as iOS versions.


  • It has a search box. There you can search for your favorite song, artist, and also albums.
  • The playlist is been filtered with artist, or album name.
  • You can also adjust the equalizer for custom sounds.Groove Music Player
  • The size of the music player is available in small, medium, and also full screen.
  • Using this app you can listen to the radio on the web.
  • It is available for the windows 10 version.
  • It can be accessed on tablets, Pc, and smartphones even.

2. Bread Player

The name came from a famous American soft rock band. However, songs can be filtered as you like. It always allows you to play songs only from one drive.


  • It supports songs of all formats mp3, Flac, and Audio Interchange File Format(AIFF).
  • The special feature is you can drag and drop your favorite songs to the library.
  • This app has software that is easy to use User Interface(UI).Bread player
  • It is also an open-source and free music player.
  • This app can be used in windows 10.
  • Here you can see the history of songs played recently.
  • This music player is better than the groove music player.

3. Spotify Music app

This is one of the best and popular music apps. It is used in mobiles, Pc, tablets, and desktops. Adds are played in between songs. If the user purchases the premium then the ads are not played.

Features of Spotify Music App:

  • It allows all types of music formats.
  • You can download songs if you had paid subscription to the app.
  • Already created playlists are available here.
  • All languages and all types of songs can be seen here.
  • If you have one account on mobile, then you can use the same account on your laptop or Pc also.spotify Music player
  • You can also play Spotify music on Facebook.
  • Moreover, you can see lyrics in almost all songs. For some, they may not be available.
  • Here you can follow artists you like and listen to their songs.
  • You can also follow your friends and can view your friend’s activity.

4. WinAmp Music App

Winamp is one of the best music players for windows 10. However, it allows you to create as well as manage a list of songs. This application supports MP3, MIDI, WAV, WMA, and many more song formats. Also, you can filter the music using an equalizer.

Features of WinAmp

  • Winamp supports music playback using audio layers 1 and 2.
  • It has extendable support for podcasts.
  • This app has plug-ins namely input, Output, visualization, General purpose plug-ins, media library plug-ins, and portable plug-ins.Winamp
  • Here Winamp remote allows the playback of songs.
  • Moreover, it supports portable media players.
  • Also, it can be accessed on Windows 10 software, macOS. Winamp for Android is been used.

5. iTunes

iTunes supports song formats like WAV, MP3, AIFF, and more. Moreover, you can manage easily songs available in the library. this is one of the best applications. Also, you can play music stored locally.

Features of iTunes Music App

  • This is the music player from apple company.
  • It provides updates of the app regularly.
  • Even you can burn the music files on a CD.itunes
  • If a music file is a larger one, this app compresses the music file.
  • Moreover, you can import metadata like artist name, song title, and more.
  • Also, this is a free music app.
  • It can be accessed on macs, Chromebook, Windows 10, and Android devices.


Above are the free and best applications of music players for windows 10 to play music. But, these require some purchase of a subscription to add free music. However, if you feel comfortable with ads you could carry on using them for free.

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